Classes and Workshop Testimonials

From CS in South Carolina

A Testimonial re: The Healing Way to Abundance Workshops … “The chakra classes were profoundly life changing.  I released a lot of energies I was holding onto that I was not aware of.  I’ve overcome more of my anxieties with Annie than I have with years of therapy.  Annie provides a safe space which allows for the release of deep emotional pain.  Annie is a very compassionate person and that compassion permeates her classes.  I highly recommend the chakra classes.”


From WH  in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

“This is just to let people know that I took the 7 Chakra Classes from Annie in 2014.  Each class helped me so much and opened me up to new experiences.  Each 3 hour class was like 3 years in counseling.  I was in deep grief at the start of classes and I feel that they really helped me to get through some very hard times.  These classes also gave me some very good coping tools which have aided me since.  Thank you so much, Annie!”


From DY in South Carolina

“As a student in the Medical Intuitive class, I was impressed with the knowledge and guidance that Annie provided. Her experience helped each of us to ‘tune in’ to what is going on in the human body. Thoroughly enjoyed the class and the hands-on work. Would love to take more.”