Akashic Record Clearing Facts

redstarAkashic Record Clearings or any of these services do not interfere with our present life purpose.  Even if a person wants me to, my High Self Committee would not allow it.

redstarYou do not have to be present or on the phone to have this work performed and be effective.

redstarWork can be done on family members or friends if you choose.  I can ask permission from their Soul without their conscious knowledge and perform the work.

redstarThere are no studies that can prove that Akashic Record Clearing works, however, whether you believe in it or not it does work.

redstarThe work that is done is permanent.  As we live our lives, we do trigger new programs.   As new programs trigger, smaller clean up sessions can be done.   I can teach you tools to use to use your intention to release energies and beliefs.

redstarOn a rare occasion, after an initial clearing, another layer of programs can activate.  This may sometimes cause someone delay in noticing changes within oneself.  This is easily cleared.   You can contact me and I will check to see if this is the situation with you.   This only happens to a very small percentage of people.

redstarProviding me with as much information as possible is important.  This would include any health problems, financial, business or relationship problems, phobias, addictions etc.  I can let you know if an Akashic Record Clearing will be of benefit, re: past life fueling present life.  If your present life is the sole root of a problem and it is not fueled from a past life situation then an Akashic Record Clearing would not be able to help you.  I can make this assessment for you before any work is done and perhaps recommend another modality.

redstarChildren and Babies can be cleared with an Akashic Record Clearing as well.

redstarThere is absolutely no harmful effects from an Akashic Record Clearing.  The body will detoxify from the work which can make one feel a little tired the next day.  I recommend 8 – eight ounce glasses of purified water the day of and the next day after an Akashic Record Clearing is performed to help lessen the effects of the detoxification process.

redstarDetoxification of the body is from a build up of toxins in the muscles of the body due to the cellular retention of programs.  This is a very healthy release.  In no way harmful.

redstarOther people will see wonderful changes within you.  You will notice others being more friendly towards you.  You may even have people making flattering comments about how your looks have changed for the better.

redstarSometimes people may not understand exactly what has changed but they will see something different about you.  Others will notice a real calmness in you after you have had a clearing.

For more information go to the Services link hover to drop down of Akashic Record Clearing and read more.  To have a clearing done email me at: Annie@heavenlyworkers.com