Akashic Record Clearing

Akashic RecordsjpgAkashic Record Clearing is a method of researching and clearing our subconscious mind and our soul record of programming that causes blocks to health, happiness and spiritual growth.

It is well known that we have a conscious, subconscious and a super conscious mind. Our conscious mind is what we use to function in our physical state.  As we experience life we develop beliefs, perceptions and judgments about each situation we are in.

Our subconscious mind observes and records all of our thoughts, words and experiences.  Emotionally charged thoughts, words and experiences are especially remembered by the subconscious mind long after the conscious mind forgets.  The subconscious mind is not capable of using judgment.  It only records negative and positive thoughts, experiences and emotions as it sees it perceived in the conscious mind.

The conscious mind develops these beliefs, perceptions and judgments often times with an inaccurate information base.  For example:  Sarah goes to work and says hello to Katy, a co-worker.  Katy doesn’t respond back.  Then Sarah thinks Katy is mad or is snubbing her.  In actuality, Katy was deeply involved in a project and didn’t hear Sarah say hello and in fact wasn’t even aware of Sarah’s presence.

In the meantime, Sarah has developed inaccurate beliefs, perceptions and judgments about the experience while the subconscious mind is recording the negative thoughts, words and actions of Sarah’s conscious mind.

Sarah now has a program of discordant energies that can trigger at a future time affecting another situation or experience that is similar.  This affects the way Sarah may handle a new situation with Katy or even others.

This is a very simplistic example so you can understand how any heavy emotionally charged experience negative or positive can and does affect our future interactions.

It is extremely important for us to pay attention to our thoughts, words and actions.  Saying or even thinking “I am sick and tired of my job” is like willing yourself to get sick and have chronic tiredness.

This programming can contribute to not only illnesses, but allergies, depression, addictions/compulsions and can interfere with our relationships and our ability to succeed in the world.

Programming can also occur due to traumatic events such as abuse or accidents.  Unless we clear the subconscious mind we continue to re-play and, therefore, re-experience the programming of these negative beliefs, perceptions and judgments.

Our super conscious mind helps us to not only clear the negatives of the subconscious mind but reprograms it with positive programming.  Our super conscious mind is the Divine Self or our High Self.  Our High Self helps guide us through life and helps us identify our Soul’s purpose in this life.

I have been trained to work with my high self committee along with a client’s high self committee to perform Akashic Record Clearings.  With a Soul’s permission High Self Committee along with the Masters of the Akashic Record clear the negative programs and re-programs the subconscious mind with positive messages educating a client at the soul level as this is done.

These programs that are cleared are programs that have activated within this lifetime from experiences recorded in the Akashic (or Soul) record.  There is an Akashic record for every soul.  From a linear view point this is a record of everything the soul has ever experienced from every past life to the present time and will continue to record experiences of the future.

As the Akashic record is cleared of active negative programming, these programs are cleared forever.  It is possible, however, to activate new programs recorded in the Akashic record with new experiences in this lifetime.

The interesting thing is, that most people function with only their conscious mind.  While the other two aspects are active, we are not as aware of them.  As negative energies and patterns are removed from our lives by Akashic Record Clearings we can become more in touch with and connected to our High Self.  We can be more open and receptive to the guidance towards our spiritual purpose and develop an inner peacefulness.

My High Self communicates with me by giving me physical and emotional feelings and knowing, by sending me messages, by dreams and some pictures.

Everyone would benefit from having a full Akashic Record Clearing and then have periodic clean up clearings of their programs.

To get a clearing or for more information email me at: Annie@heavenlyworkers.com