Life Coaching

The process of life coaching is a process of the coach assisting/facilitating the person/client in identifying and achieving specific goals the person would like to or has a need to achieve. Some clients rely on a coach to help guide them from the coaches greater experience or expertise in a less formal relationship where advice and guidance is offered. However, this is not the same thing as mentoring.  The process is more of a short term experience, not usually directed by long term goals.

Certain tools, methods and multiple modalities can and are used in our work, along with intuitive abilities to assist the client in reaching the goals set forth by the most individual means.  Akashic Record clean ups can be done and are beneficial for those who have had a full Akashic Record Clearing in the past.

If you have specific areas in your life you know you want to focus on but are not sure how to get there life coaching can help.  Having a coaching consult to explore what direction to go is a great way to get started.

Sessions can be set up on a regular scheduled basis for 30, 45, 60 and 90 min. sessions.  Each session, expect to make an intention on what the focus will be for that particular session.  For ongoing sessions intentions and agreements will be made on end goals to be accomplished.

Life Coaching is not designed to be a long term situation or to foster dependency on coaching.  You will learn tools you can use to assist yourself in moving forward in your life.