Energy Healing Sessions

There are more Energy Healing Modalities out there and available than can even be included in one website.  Some will profess that one modality is better than another.  We feel that it is dependent somewhat on the person receiving, their beliefs and preferences and somewhat on the blocks or energies being released.

Some people will have very profound experiences with one type of a modality healing while another may not have as profound of an experience with the same modality.  Does this mean this modality is not as good or effective for the person who does not have a profound experience?   Not necessarily.  Some people are just more sensitive to feeling energy and feeling energy shifts within them.

Some people clearly enjoy one type of healing over another or are drawn to one type over another.  Some may not have any idea or feel of what they might need at all.  We can help through guidance determine what might be the best modality or combination of modalities to meet your needs when you are unsure.

If you go back to the links at the top of the page and scroll over Services then Energy Healing Sessions you will find what is offered here.