Reacting To Life

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Charles R. Swindoll

146-Life is 10% what happens -www.anawalls

What if we could look at everything that happens in our lives as something we on a greater level orchestrated to help us learn something.  What if in looking at things this way we could realize that in order to really learn what we need to learn, we need to observe our own reactions to what happens?

What if we could learn not to take things personally that other people do.  Wouldn’t it be easier not to react negatively if we could realize their actions are more about them than about us?

For instance, someone who is violent towards someone else.  If we stand back and look at it.  Is it the fault of the person who received the violence?  Or is it the fault of the person who reacted for whatever reason they reacted to deliver the violence they delivered?

What if we are the person receiving the violence?  What if on some level we  helped create receiving this violence to learn something about ourselves.  Maybe we needed to learn that we are worthy of receiving more respect and better treatment. Maybe the violent person helped to create this to learn that they need to find a better way of communicating and expressing themselves than to resort to their anger and violence.

How about someone who reacts out of fear.  Maybe they judge others because they do not understand something about who that person is or what they do so they stand in judgment of them.  What do you imagine they are trying to learn? The person who is judged, what do they stand to gain by this?  What are they trying to learn?

Yes, this does seem easier said than done!  We are emotional human beings.  We allow our emotions, our thoughts, our beliefs, our experiences dictate how we react to everything we experience in life.

I want to challenge all of us to step back, observe ourselves.  Observe our lives in every moment.  How we see things, ask why we see it that way.  What we feel about things, ask why we feel it.

A lot of us will find that we have spent a lot of time stuffing our feelings.  Not addressing our feelings, not feeling them as they happen.  When we do that at a later time we react to some situation and our emotions will take over.  We over-react!

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