Problems are not stop signs

“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.”  -Robert H. Schuller

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Sometimes as we go through life and we encounter what we see as problems, we can get caught up in the emotional storm of the situation.  When we get caught up in our emotions it is much harder to see a bigger picture.  We can see everything as obstacles.

What if we could change our perceptions?  What if we could perceive that what we see as problems are actually signs.  Guide posts to help us find our way better.

Whatever you are trying to accomplish, look at what is coming up.  If it is something unexpected that prevents you from doing what you had originally planned to do, look at it.  Often people will go to the negative … oh we can’t do what we wanted to do … this thing happened and so we can’t do it.  What if there are other options to accomplish it and you just didn’t see it.  Never even thought about the fact there could be other options to get to the same goal.

What if the route you chose to get to where you want to go is the hard route, the longest route?  What if there is an easier, better way and you just didn’t consider all the options?  We often do that. We get tunnel vision and cannot see there are many options available.  We limit ourselves.

When we head out to do something it should be easy, flow with ease.  If it’s not, you might want to consider there might be a better route that is easier or more appropriate to take.  The other consideration to make is that maybe it is not the right time yet to do what you are wanting to do.  Maybe these stop signs are guidelines that you need to wait a day, or a week or longer.

If you use your emotions as guidelines, you will become aware that when your emotions are not taking you to a place of joy then you are probably taking the wrong direction.  It only may take a slight direction change to get you pointed back in the right direction.

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