Never Stop

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”   -Confucius

147-It does not matter how slow - quotesgramDid you know that quite often people will set intentions and set out to achieve something, then find obstacles in their way they did not expect and they give up.  Or they find that something they are doing is taking way longer than they think it should to be accomplished so they quit working on it.

When we have expectations of how things should go we can set ourselves up for disappointment.  Have you ever heard the phrase, Don’t give up before the miracle happens?

What is important is that the tortoise, no matter how slow, kept walk the path at a steady pace.  When we do this we will get to the end and we will accomplish what we set out to do.  But if we stop, if we give up, if we decide it’s too hard or it’s taking too long … we set up all these expectations of what our journey should be like … it’s the disappointment we face that can make us stop.

Think about a time in your life when you set out to do something.  Did you have expectations?  Did it turn out different than you thought it should?  Did you quit before you got there?

Ask yourself what lessons you can learn from your past experiences.  What can you now see that you could not see before?  Sometimes it is hard for us to see that when we are so set upon getting what we think we want in the way we think we should get it or in the way we think it should come to us, that we miss so much on the journey.  We can also elude important lessons on that journey.

So no matter what do not stop, keep going, let go of all expectations, be in the moment and enjoy the journey!!

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