Dr. Oz Talks about Chakras

Do you follow Dr. Oz?  I have watched his show here and there.  I find his show quite stimulating and very progressive.  He challenges people to open up their minds and often presents controversial subjects.  He will sometimes invite guest speakers in to debate these controversial subjects.  If you have never watched his show you might enjoy checking it out.

Well, he has just done a show talking about chakras … I have not seen it yet but I’m very excited to see this coming out in more in the public eye.  Its about what the 7 energy centers reveal about your health and heart.  Energy and the understanding of it is more and more becoming mainstream.  Science and medicine is learning more  about the energy as it affects our bodies and our lives.

I work with clients to help clear blocked or stuck energy in the chakras and other areas of the body.   Feel free to email me or give me a call to discuss any issues you may have that may benefit from clearing blocked or stuck energy.

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