Changing Perceptions

139-If you change the way you look at things

Have you ever experienced something and had a big emotional reaction to it, only to find out later that your perception of it was completely wrong?  I know I have.  More than once in fact.  Each time it’s happened it has shown me that I’m learning.  Learning just how important it is to experience life without judgment.

Last year was an interesting year.  I found myself at times buying into other people’s fears.  Fears I had not previously experienced.  I found that when I believed the perceptions of what some other people in my life perceived I bought right into their fears.  Their fears became my fears.

What I saw happen then, as I observed myself, was that one thing after another became more of a challenge in my life.  It took letting go of belief systems, some I did not even know I had, to break free from that energy.

It was probably the most terrifying experience I have ever had.  I saw in my mind’s eye, this swirling energy around what looked like a matrix of my beliefs.  What I saw was a crumbling of this matrix.  The more I saw it crumble the more fear I had.  I suddenly had the realization that I held onto these beliefs so tightly because I felt like if I had no beliefs then I would not know who I was.  I would not know how to act, what to say or how to be in my life.

I learned that it was more fearful to let go of everything I knew in my life and have a clean slate than to continue living in the old patterns of unhappiness, negative experiences and challenges.  It to every bit of courage I could find to let go.

That being said, my guess is that not all of my belief systems are gone.  I do feel a huge amount of them were released.  I can tell you that what I experienced after that was amazing new perceptions.  At one point, I had an experience of being around other people and at the same time it was like I was floating slightly higher than the ground.  Almost like I was physically in more than one dimension at of existence at the same time.

As I observed, I began to have different perceptions of the same situation.  It’s interesting when you can stand back and look at so many different possibilities of perceptions of the same situation.  It becomes a choice.  We can choose which perception we wish to hold onto.

I’d like to challenge you!!  Begin to observe yourself.  Be present as you move through your life.  What your reactions, your emotions, your perceptions of situations.  Then ask yourself, how could I look at this differently?  How could I do this differently?  How could I feel about this differently?  I guarantee you will learn things.

If you are interested in releasing belief systems, I am happy to help you. Give me a call or send an email to Number 636-524-9188

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