Change … Coming into Alignment with True Selves

What a ride we are on.  The ebb and flow of the energy continuum.  Being in total joy in one minute and facing our lower vibrational emotions another.  Fear, Anxiety, Anger, Frustration …  The way to flow thru it is to look at it .. not just give into it and allow ourselves to react to it or from it.  For instance instead of feeling angry and lashing out at someone or something even.  What if we ask ourselves why we are angry?   What is the deeper thing going on that anger really masks.  We learn to react with anger but often times it’s a means of not truly feeling what it is that lays beneath that.  Purhaps hurt, pain or sadness.

People often can tell when we are angry but how often do they really know what is going on beneath that anger or why we react so dramatically?  How can they know when we don’t even allow ourselves to know?  Become the observer of yourself.  As you go through your day today and/or tomorrow … watch and observe … what makes you feel a certain emotion and ask yourself if what you are feeling is really the deepest level of the emotion or is it masking a deeper purhaps more painful emotion.  Also, observe the situations you react to.  Could there possibly be another perpective of it that you have not considered and if you were to take a different perspective could it change the way your reaction and your emotions and how you feel about it are?

A great exercise to try out.  What would you have to loose?  And … most of all what would you have to gain?

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