Using our talents in a good way

“Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.”  -Leo Buscaglia

We all have talents and abilities.  We are all different.  Even those of us who have like talents, within our talent we are different from every other person who has that same similar talent.

There is a reason for this.  It’s called individuality.  We each have our own individual signature of who we are.

Do you see your talents and/or abilities as talents?  We generally have more than one.  Sometimes I think we take our talents and abilities for granted.  Especially those that come so easily to us.  Or maybe we just don’t recognize they are talents because it is something that comes so easily.

Have you ever had someone say to you … I wish I could do that?  Have you stopped to think about that?  That they feel that something you do that comes more easily to you they do not seem to be talented in doing.

So first, we need to identify what our talents are.  Then when we see what our talents are we can take the next step which is looking our talents to see what we do with them.  Do our talents get used in a good productive way in life?  Do we have gratitude for having the talents that we have?

Let’s look for instance at someone who is very charming, very charismatic.  They have the gift of communicating and engaging with people.  Is that a talent?  Well, not everyone had that ability.  I’d call it a talents.  Let’s look at how a person who has this talent uses it to manipulate people, or to con people.  Are they using this talent in a positive, productive way?  Do they have gratitude for the talent they have?

Let’s look at another example … the same person who is very charming, very charismatic but they use this ability in a very positive way from the heart.  Maybe they use it around children to help them feel safe.  Maybe they use it to gather support from people to accomplish a task in their community or even on a bigger scale that will bring about a positive impact.

Can you see all the things you are able to do that are talents?  Can you see the difference in what we do with our talents for either negative works or positive works?

I have a lot of talents, some I developed early in my life, some later.  Some of the earlier talents I no longer am active in engaging in.  In some ways, those talents have morphed into other directions.

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 I think it’s an interesting concept that what we do with or talents are what we gift back to God.  I think what God wants for us is to live our lives as fully as we can in a joyful manner.   If we are using our talents to do that I think we are gifting back to God.

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