What stops you from a project

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”  -Arthur Ashe

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Have you ever found yourself in a place of wanting to change or do something differently but find yourself getting overwhelmed?  Thinking about how you have done things in the past that did not work out?  Thinking about so many options of how you can do it that it is just too much to decide how to get started?

Did you know that when you think about how you have done things in the past, even if they were successful, you are limiting the outcome of what it is you want to accomplish?  When you decide you want to do something you have to start by being in that very moment.  Throw out all the thoughts that come up from your past.  You are not functioning from the past.

Consider what talents, abilities, resources, people you know that have knowledge and begin to build your plan based on what you have access to.

If you have any concerns that come up about whether or not you will succeed.  Let them go.  If you read about accounts from many successful people you will find they were not successful the very first time they attempted to do something.  Jack Canfield who wrote the “Chicken Soup” series is one of those.  He has talked about how you must be diligent and never give up.

Some people even find they have abilities and talents they did not realize they have when pursuing projects they have never pursued before.

We never know until we begin an endeavor and explore our options what may show up.  When we add in positive energy flow amazing things can be created.

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