Time and Life

Oh my how our linear time in this dimensional plain has passed while I have been caught up in the flow of this life.  It’s been almost three months now since I have blogged.  I moved to Myrtle Beach, SC August 1st but had most of my stuff still in storage in MO.  End of September I went back to MO to get it all.  Most people know what that is like trying to unpack and organize in a new place while still moving forward in our regular lives.  It’s been a ride.  I will say that I have enjoyed unpacking my stuff.  Some I had not unpacked in a very long time.  It was my intention to unpack it all here and anything I can’t use or find room for … time to let go of this “STUFF”

I had accummulate more photos than I had remembered.  One day when I have time I will sit down and find a way to organized them but have finally put family pictures up on the walls and loving them.

These last 3 months or so we have all been on quite the journey.  A lot of changing going on. It seemed the mass consciousness for a bit was really steeped in a lot of fear and a lot of struggle.  There are still a lot of intense energies but things for the moment seem to have become a little lighter … purhaps the Holiday season.

Remember that what we resist persists … allow yourselves to witness your life.  See where it is that you struggle and observe your triggers if any.  Ask yourself, What is it I need to learn about this to be able to release it and move forward?  If you need help … reach out.  I have lots of tools I can teach people to help in doing just that.  Whatever you do … decide do I want to continue the same and wallow in this struggle or do I desire something different?

I intend to get back into the blogging … see you soon!

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