Soul Reading Testimonials

From CC in North Carolina

“For me, Annie Kaufman was able to uncover the source of a long standing responsibility that I had to take care of all of humanity, in a very gentle, and totally unexpected glimpse into a past life that, until then, I had never even had a glimmer of.”

“Her words very gently and effectively prodded me to remember and release the feelings of guilt and remorse that I have carried with me for a very long time.  Annie also fearlessly assisted me in accepting and understanding who I was, who I am now, and what implications that has in my present life.”

“I would recommend Annie to anyone who would like calm, gentle, insightful guidance in releasing those things that keep us restricted now, and in accepting those parts of ourselves that we have never felt safe in revealing to anyone.  Annie is all heart.”


From RR in CA

“Dear Annie,

“Thank you so much for the recent channeling you did for me. The information and guidance I received for this time in my life is very clear, concise and powerful, and therefore very helpful.”

“You show to be a clear channel and able to remove yourself. I deeply appreciate your effort on my behalf. Keep up the good work.”


From JM  in Pennsylvania

“It has been an honor for me to support Annie with her channeling work.  In doing this I also received the added gift of having her channel for me. The reading brought through information from a relative who had died and a channeled message.”

“The information was accurate in all areas.  I was given exercises that supported my expansion greatly.”

“I can not say enough about the awesome energy, love, light and joy I experienced in the reading I had with Annie.  She has a heart of pure gold that touches us with pure intent and a strength of presence that exudes in all she does.  We are so blessed to have her here on earth.  Her presence is a gift to our souls as is all the work she offers.”