Akashic Record Clearing Testimonials

From EP in Virginia

“I am a huge fan of SRT, Spiritual Restructuring & Akashic Record Clearing.  I first found out about these things a few years ago as I looked into finding ways to help my family & myself grow and thrive.  They have been some of the best things I have ever done & my only wish about them is that I’d found them years & years ago!”

“I recently started looking for someone new as my previous provider retired.  I found several different people but there was something about Annie that really called to me so I contacted her.  WOW!!!!!!!   I am thoroughly delighted with her & the services she has provided!  She has absolutely knocked my socks off!!!!”

“The other providers I have worked with in the past were great & competent BUT would perform only the services requested, nothing more nothing less.  It’s funny how you can think someone is so great at what they do until you find someone who really IS!!  Annie is so different!  She provides a level & depth of care that is truly astounding!  She gives a summary of the work done, tips & tools to help you learn & grow so you can help yourself as needed & asks follow up questions to help ascertain if there are other areas that might also need assistance.”

“There is something deeper, more substantial about her work that has provided much more satisfactory results for me & my family.  The tips, tools & guidance she has provided has already proved themselves in a very short time to be much more powerful & effective than methods I’ve been using for years!  She really follows her heart in helping you heal & it shows!  She is so generous with her time & you can literally feel the joy she finds in sharing her talents & knowledge!  I would happily shout her praises from every rooftop for all to hear!  I am so grateful to have found her & very much look forward to continuing to working with her.  Annie is simply & utterly amazing!”


From SG in Australia

“The Akashic record clearing with Annie has been an amazing experience.  Did the clearing for my husband and son too and we finally feel like a family with love. Judgments and negativity has been cleared.  We live in the now and not thinking of past events anymore.  Living everyday now with a really light heart and having direction feels wonderful.  A big difference in my husband who is learning to let go and live life.  Thank you Annie you have been wonderful.”


From UL in Indonesia
“Following our multiple healing sessions, here is the progress you need to know:

–  I begin to pay off my debts, seems I can get my way of the debts cycle
–  I don’t feel as agitated as before about living in Indonesia.
–  I feel more open to connect with others
–  I’ve been taking care of my body the way I want it to be
–  I haven’t experienced strong resistance trying to take care of me. My body doesn’t fight  back anymore
–  The love triangle pattern slowly dissolves. My sales manager and I now seem further away and he doesn’t find his way anymore to irritate me.
–  No more self punishment : I started to more actively join activities I love without attracting any accidents like before.  Few days ago, I dared myself to enroll a course I’ve always longed for and it went smoothly without any incidents.
– I back off & draw boundaries as soon as I find myself in a toxic situation. It feels great not to let myself emotionally involved in such circumstances anymore.

Thanks to you too…”


From AS in Pakistan

“I contacted Annie for an Akashic Clearing for my aunt in July  this year and after that many of my relatives / friends opted for getting their clearings done from her. What I really like about working with Annie is that she is open to working with many modalities together hence by the day of the day the session becomes an amalgamation of many healing modalities. The spirit guided session with Annie was a very relaxing one,  it peels of layers of junk residing within the person in just 2 hour’s resulting in soul lightness.  Annie has a very loving energy and one senses it in the email correspondences that one has with her. God bless you for doing this light work for all of us.”


From ND in South Carolina

“I met Annie Kaufman about a year ago when I began my spiritual journey.  She is so gifted in her psychic abilities and has taught me so much of the Spirit Realm. She has done so many healings for me and they truly have changed my life.”

“I asked Annie to do a clearing for my niece Julie and my nephew Jacob – both who seemed to have lost “joy” in their lives and seemed “stuck” and unable to move on. The one thing I noticed in both was they never smiled anymore and it made me sad.”

“Annie did a clearing for both of them. They are now smiling and happy again. Julie, so far, has had the most remarkable changes.  Julie has a new apartment, received several job promotions in a short time, has new friends and her world is expanding. It is so great to hear her deep laugh again.  She is so free and spontaneous and it makes me smile to see how far she has come in such a short time!”

“Jacob is more open.  He always was a quiet guy, but he is more affectionate and seems quite content.  Smiles and hugs come easy and freely now. His world is expanding more. He definitely is “un-stuck”!”

“Thank you Annie.”


From NS in Ohio

“I slept very well that night; by the next day I felt a huge void inside of me, it felt very odd.  Gradually that feeling left and from that point on I have felt very peaceful, filled with love, open to love and the possibility of a future relationship.”

“Around other people I have felt more comfortable, open and talkative, even to people I don’t know.  Strangers have been very friendly and seem to go out of their way to say Hi.”


From RH in South Carolina

“Annie first did some clearing on me, and over the next day I had a wonderful sensation like everything was going to be OK.  A sense of “well being” flowed through me.  I was very relaxed and able to deal with problems at work and at home with very little tension or anxiety.”

“Also, people I come in contact with every day were now treating me different.  Work associates were kind, and complimented me on my work.  My boss made two phone calls in 10 days to tell me what a good job I’ve been doing.  This is something he has never done in the 9 years I’ve worked there.”

“Even complete strangers were saying hello as we passed in the streets and several strangers even stopped to talk to me.  What Annie has done for me is truly amazing.”


From RH in California – Business and Property Clearing

“After your clearing, when I go into the restaurant, it feels different. It feels empty. That’s a good thing. It almost feels like it’s easier to breathe in there, like it’s a breath of fresh air. Certainly no more heavy feeling or sensations of a crowded room or people watching me. It feels clean, clear, and much better. Now we’ll have to wait and see how this helps business.”


From LS in Missouri

“Annie, did you work on money issues for me when you did my clearing?  All the sudden I’m getting paid weekly which really helps my financial status.”


From SB in Minnesota

“I did feel a difference, I’m going to have to think about this.”


From CO in Minnesota

“I feel much more peaceful and happy.”