Individual Clearings

Individual Clearings can be done on the person requesting the clearing or it can be done for someone else.  Full clearings can be done or clearings can be done for specific issues.  If a clearing is done for someone else we do work on a confidentiality basis so a limited amount of information may be given to the person requesting.  Otherwise, if a clearing is being done for the person requesting the work it can be done one of many ways.  Remote work can be done … meaning there is no telephone or in person contact while the work is being done.  In a remote situation a report can be written providing information on what work is completed and what programs are being cleared.  If a live session occurs, either on the telephone, by skype or in person, no report is given.  Instead, an explanation is given as it is being cleared.

What you can expect to have cleared in a full individual clearing are attachments of discarnates (out of body beings) in your energy field, significant negative programs you have been carrying, any energies you have had on depression, addictions, obsessions,  compulsions and excesses.   Energies on health challenges will be looked at and cleared.  This allows your healing process to be more effective.  Any relationships you would like looked at, along with energies on relationship issues for you.  Also, energies on separation and abuse and abandonment.  Plus so much more!

Included in a full Akashic Record Clearing is a Re-structuring of the brain patterns to a more harmonious programming which helps promote our life.  Also an Organ and Gland Rebalancing and a Crystalline Restructuring is done when needed.

If you have not looked under the links for Akashic Record Clearing, please look them over to get an idea of what types of things can be cleared other than or in addition to a major individual clearing.  Client name. date of birth and location will be necessary to be sure the connection and Akashic Record is being cleared for the right client.  Giving as much detail as possible is helpful in being creative and asking High Self questions to explore more things to clear.

If you have not gone to the Akashic Record Clearing link under Services, you can go there for more information on how it works.  To get a clearing or for more information email me at: