Health Challenges

AlexGreyHumanPast life programs and traumas can carry over into this lifetime and cause certain illnesses to be exacerbated.  In some cases, illness can change by clearing out these past life effects.  You can provide me with the health challenge information and I can tell you what percentage energies are from past life influence that can be released by clearing the Akashic Record of these energies.

If there is not significant energy from past life, there may be a present life cause in which case I may be able to recommend another modality to assist.  Keep in mind that energies that have entered the physical body causing illness may have been created from imbalances in the emotional and mental bodies.  Unresolved energies in the emotional and mental bodies become vibrationally heavier, or dense, ending up in the physical body.

I do not diagnose diseases or illness, nor do I treat them.  Clearing energies that feed an illness or disease allows for the body to begin to heal itself much more efficiently.  You should follow the advise and instructions of your physician.

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