Spirit Guided Sessions

A Spirit Guided Session starts with a client setting specific intentions for the work to be done in our planned session.  We will ask ahead of time for the client to be thinking about what it is that they really would like to achieve during our work.

Once an intention is established, we will work together with each of our Guides, Masters, Higher Selves etc. to achieve our goals.  Annie basically functions as a clear facilitator and channel to assist the client in unfolding and releasing energy and gaining information and understanding the client needs to achieve these intentions.

Quite often a client’s own abilities are enhanced and expanded by doing this work.  They are taught what abilities they actually have and learn how they can move forward on their own paths.

In this work, a multitude of modalities can be utilized to achieve the end goals.

Clients find this to be a very extensive and rewarding process and learn so much about themselves on so many levels.

This work does have to be done either in person, by phone or by skype.  This is not work that can be done remotely.  It is a very interactive experience.  Most clients find this very transformative and informative.

Toning is something that can be done during energy healing sessions or at any other time.  It is possible toning may be used during a spirit guided session.  It is a form of healing using voice.  Since our vibrations are made up of light and sound, healing with tones or sound healing can be very beneficial in breaking up dense vibrations or clearing blocks.

The chakras can be toned not only to break up blocks but also to balance them. When the chakras are toned and in complete balance the body feels the most delightful feeling of well-being.

ToningToning can also be done on any area of the body to break up energy blocks or move energy.  Toning is very effective in healing traumas or pain that has been held in the cellular make-up of the body.

There have been many systems developed for toning.  I was trained in a specific way but as I gained more experience in my practice I have learned to listen more to my own guidance.  It is not at all unusual to tone without using any of these developed systems.  I usually tone by my guidance.

Toning is not limited to just a sound of a note.  I have been guided to tone animal sounds as well.  I use my body as a sacred instrument of sound.

There are several types of Breathwork.  This work can be done individually or it can be done in conjunction with other work.  Breathwork has long been considered useful in yoga, meditation, and in activities such as Tai Chi or Qigong.  Breathwork is used in spirit guided sessions.

Breathwork can also be used in a directed way to break up energy blockages, assist in alleviating emotional and mental distress and stresses, diminish effects of diseases, traumas and pain, as well as, work to improve and rejuvenate body systems.  It can be used to open the heart and allow for those who practice it to be free of the Ego and repetitive chatter of the conscious mind, allowing one to be closer to the highest vibration of their soul.

Colors have their own vibrational measure just as sound does.  Color Therapy or color healing work can be done to break down dense energies and create balance within the body and energy bodies.  Just as we recognize consciously that certain colors can affect our moods, our energy and mental states, on other levels specific colors can heal and are recognized by our subconsciousness.

Color work can be done independently or can be used along with other healing modalities.  It can be a very peaceful relaxing method especially when used with breathwork for calming the mind and mental body, the emotions and, therefore, relaxing the physical body.

The 7 major chakras are each connected with specific colors and color work can assist in bringing the chakras into balance and harmony.

We can teach you very simple techniques to use on your own to assist you in releasing unwanted energies.

If you are interested in a Spirit Guided Session, send an email  Annie@heavenlyworkers.com