Soul Readings

We all have a soul’s record.  The Akashic Record contains the energy and history of everything each soul has ever experienced.  By tuning into you, your soul’s record, your high self and your spiritual guides, we are able to do a reading on your soul.

Quite often these beings of assistance cannot answer questions that start with “Should I”.  Spirit cannot make decisions for you, since this is a free will planet.  In expanding her abilities, Annie has learned to be a clear vessel for your spiritual guidance to come through to bring forth information to help you find answers yourself. This will assist you in making informed decisions.

Spiritual Guidance cannot interfere with your present life purpose or reveal anything to you that would limit your own abilities in discovering who you are.  What it can do is give you gentle guidance to direct you in revealing information on your own towards your spiritual path.

Over time Annie has developed her abilities to connect with the Divine Source which has many names or labels.  What your religious or spiritual beliefs are will vary from person to person.  The understanding that we all come from this Source and exist in body to assist one another on our paths is the grace bestowed upon us as we awaken.

We are sometimes able to bring forth those whom we have known in this life who have moved on to the other side.  We are also able to connect with your higher self/soul to bring through messages for you in your highest good.

These readings can be done without you being present.  We can do a reading and mail or email it to you or you can have a reading by phone.

Annie has been trained in animal communication as well and is willing to do animal readings… and quite enjoys it.