Exercises You Can Learn To Do

Because I whole hearted believe that people can heal themselves with a little guidance, I feel strongly in providing tools for people to do exactly this.  I love to teach and I love it even more when I see the impact it can have on a person’s life.  Some of the tools I can offer that I refer to as doing the conscious work are listed below.

What does consciousness mean?  It means being in the present moment in your life.  It means creating everything you wish to create in a way that you want and choose it not just creating by default.  It means allowing to receive, not denying yourself of miracles and the wonderments of life.  It means not judging things but allowing for all people and situations to unfold as they will.

Access Consciousness® otherwise called Access is a consciousness within itself of becoming aware of oneness and being conscious to all that means.

Gary Douglas was the founder of this 20 some years ago.  He along with Dr. Dain Heer teach how to reveal consciousness within yourself by asking certain questions.  When you ask the questions, your attention is drawn to these questions and you become more conscious as your soul seeks the answers and clears the blocks to having the awareness you need.

I can teach you how and what questions to ask along with techniques in clearing the energies that block you from being conscious and creating and manifesting in a conscious way.  I use an abbreviated statement from what Gary teaches that is just as effective.  It’s not difficult and it can change your life, change your perceptions of your life and your perceptions of the world.

Emotional Freedom Technique – Our thoughts when emotions are added fire electrically in our nervous system.  When using EFT we are tapping on Chinese meridian system points which allow for the emotional release in the nervous system.  Statements are made and tapping different points simultaneously as we speak statements allows for this release.  We can’t know which nerves hold which emotions so tapping along several points allows us to cover the nerves in various places in the nervous system.  Once we release the emotions our minds no longer attach to their beliefs.

In working with clients we can assist in guiding the client using statements while they repeat and tap.  We can take them through the layering of energies to release energies on subjects which seem to be blocking them causing them distress.

This modality is used along with others as well in workshops to target issues from many angles.

Archetypes – We all have within our souls what are called Archetypes.  There are more than one description of what these are. But basically, an Archetype is a personality.  For instance, the “Mother” or “Father” Archetype.  Everyone usually knows what you mean by these type Archetypes or personalities.

ArchetypesI have studied some under Caroline Myss.  Caroline developed the system of using the astrological wheel to find placement of our own individual Archetypes.

The concepts and principles are well explained in her book “Sacred Contracts.”  By using her published Archetypal cards I can assist you in finding what archetypes you currently have in each area of your house.

How this will help you in your life is that you will be able to recognize what Archetypes you came into the life with as well as secondary Archetypes and from that begin to benefit from their energies.

Each Archetype has a Light side and a Shadow side.  Learning our Shadow side, which we normally choose not to see, can be of great benefit to us, providing a more clear understanding of ourselves.

We can quickly learn why we may have tendencies to follow certain patterns in our lives.  Thru this process I can help you identify your archetypes and teach you how to use the information to identify areas in your life where you might wish to make changes for the better.

If you would like to learn about these tools so that you can use them yourself to clear negative or blocking energies in your field or for more information email me at: Annie@heavenlyworkers.com