Spiritual Restructuring

Spiritual Restructuring involves the body, soul and spirit.  Being we are all one and part of spirit we are always on a spirit level striving to evolve to greater heights.  Each soul is the expression of that spirit.   But on this planet we tend to only see our humanness.   In truth the body is the vehicle that carries the soul in this life.

Spiritual Restructuring can be done in two ways.  It can be done by muscle testing on the body (either live or a surrogate can be used) or it can be done by dowsing with a pendulum.  Muscle testing can be very accurate because the body can respond to questions by giving a body response.  A person must be adequately hydrated and have good electrolyte balance in order to muscle test.   Dowsing is also a good method.  Dowsing can be used remotely when there is not a surrogate to use and is also a faster, easier method to use.  I use dowsing as my main method.

By using these methods, imbalances in the body can be found and adjusted to bring the body back into alignment and balance.  The soul and the body together know what needs to be done to clear, heal and harmonize all systems of the body.

To do this work I use a chart to tell me, with guidance from the person and my higher self, which areas one by one are out of balance and need adjusting.  A method of breath blows and hand movements off the body then are able to be performed to make the adjustments and changes needed.

Generally, after a session is complete, I will ask if further treatments are needed and if so will ask that the restructuring committee be given the information needed for further treatments so it can be done unless a person wishes to call back for each additional treatment.

An example of a correction my body has made when I have experienced this method is … TMJ.  When my TMJ, which is fairly mild but can lead to me having migraines, is out of balance  I get clicking in my jaw on one side or the other.  Particularly after dental work or sometimes from the way I sleep this will occur.   When I have been out of balance and had someone do Spiritual Restructuring for me … my jaw goes back into balance and no longer continues to click.  Muscles can often be imbalanced and by doing spiritual restructuring and allowing the muscle to become in balance again the bone, tendons, ligaments will then shift back into a normal healthy function.

If you are interested in having your body tested and realigned using the Spiritual Restructuring method contact Annie@heavenlyworkers.com