Soul Recognition

Soul Recognition is a process of moving and clearing energy to allow one’s soul to fully be acknowledged in a way it has never done before.

It allows for a conscious awareness of the deep connection to the essence of one’s soul.


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In bringing forth the soul essence one can more fully embrace one’s path or life purpose.

This work is done with four or more facilitators creating and holding the space for a safe enough environment that the participants can easily and freely express their souls to their deepest expression.

A Unified Field is created usually during a three to three and a half day workshop.

Approximately eight participants will have the experience of bonding and experiencing the Unified Field together.

Soul Cards will be chosen during this time which supports each individual soul in their expression. Soul Cards can be found at

Soul Card

The expression of this field is an experience for most people beyond the love of unity they have ever experienced before in this body.

Each participant has the unique opportunity to open to their soul expression in a very natural, loving and beautiful process.

This natural process takes place on land with the use of music, instrumental expression, scents such as essential oils, color, crystals, touch, dancing …  whatever the soul orchestrates for the full expression and recognition of itself.  Another form is having soul recognitions in a warm water swimming pool.  In these cases, the body releases easily and naturally without the use of and need of music and instruments etc.

From my own experience I can tell you that this experience is joyous and life changing.  Nothing has put me more clearly on my path and helped me to feel the Divine Union as this.

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