Energy FieldsHave you ever noticed when you hurt yourself the first thing you do is hold the area with your hand? Or if a child is hurt the first thing a mother does is hold their “boo boo” with her hand and tries to make it feel better? This natural response would suggest that healing with the hands is instinctive.

LaHo-chi (pronounced lah hoe chee) is an amazing and powerful mode of hands on healing. This work is done by a Practitioner placing their hands on a person in specific positions on the body allowing healing light energy to be delivered.

The energy is activated as the Practitioner acts as a clear channel or vehicle for this energy to be delivered to the client. The client sets an intention for what healing they wish to do on themselves in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The client will then rest comfortably in a deep full body meditative state and allow for the gentle and subtle but effective healing to take place.

Some people experience the most wonderful peaceful relaxation. Some believe they go to sleep but are actually in a deep meditative state. They can generally hear everything that is happening around them.

Others experience any mixture of feeling sensations or vibrations in or around the body, tingling, heat, cold, feeling as if someone is lovingly touching them with a feather, pin pricks, seeing colors, angels, past life events, symbols, hearing messages or voices singing, smelling scents that are not actually in the room, a sense of knowing or just a gentle feeling of loving beings present in the room.

LaHo-chi Healing can stand alone as a healing modality or it can be done in conjunction with other healing modalities. Many people have heard of Reiki or Therapeutic Touch which are very similar types of hands on healing methods.

LaHo-chi is taught and practiced Internationally. It has been practiced by Chiropractors, Nurses, Massage Therapist, Psychotherapists, Philosophers, Acupuncturists, Aroma therapists and Ordained Ministers to name a few.

LaHo-chi is an Ancient Chinese modality that was brought through to Satchamar, a spiritual teacher, in 1991. The story goes that the LaHo-Chi Master was a human being that spent many lifetimes in ancient China who reached Buddha consciousness.

The LaHo-chi Master consciousness can be accessed to work at the levels of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This includes a balancing of the life-force energy by using etheric acupuncture and the energetic essence of herbs, gemstones, color healing and sacred geometric forms.

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