Animal Communication

We work with animals in a couple of ways to bring forth communication and assist in healing.  One method is connecting with animals who have left their bodies and crossed over the rainbow bridge as it is known.  We can often bring forth communication from them to be delivered to their human owners/parents.  This is a very profound experience.  Animals are such unconditionally loving beings and we are often given the honor of feeling the love these animals have had for their human owner/parents.  Often times they wish to let them know they are well and happy.  They sometimes will give very specific messages to their human owner/parent that seem to help with the loss and grieving process.

A second way communication is brought forth is in working with live animals.  Animals can communicate sometimes what their stressors or issues are that they need assistance in being identified.  Sometimes modalities can be used with them to assist them in getting relief. Occasionally, conflicts between a human owner, a vet or another animal and the animal needing to communicate can lead to resolution of an issue.

If you have an animal that has passed and you would like to see if it is willing to bring you a message or you have an animal that seems to be stressed and maybe acting out in one way or another.  Give us a call and we will see if we can assist you.