Reaching Your Full Potential

157-The will to win-www.shutterstock.comThis should be a normal, easy way To Be to have the will, desire and urge to reach your full potential.  Sometimes, however, people find themselves stuck, unable to move in a positive direction.  Not having any will or desire or being distracted from their most direct path to reaching their full potential.

So we might wonder what types of things would make that happen?  It could be any number of emotions they are stuck in.  Fear … fear of success, fear of failure, fear of the unknown.  It can also be from beliefs we are dealing with.  If a person believes they are not worthy of better then it would make sense they would not have the urge to move forward wouldn’t it?

Another thing that would influence someone would be negative programming in their Akashic Record.  For instance, they might have programs like blocks to self esteem or Self Punishment.

How would someone know what it is that is stopping them from having the will, desire and urge to reach their full potential?  The first thing they need to do is start looking at it.  Ask themselves questions that might bring them answers.  Finding someone to help them explore things is a great way, or doing exercises that help find answers.

I  can help you find answers.  I can teach you how to ask questions and how to explore.  I also can teach you exercises you can do to get answers.

Are you ready?  Ready to find out what will help you reach your full potential?

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