Moving Forward

Sometimes we seem to find it difficult to move forward in the direction we feel we should be going.  There are many reasons this can happen.  Sometimes it is our beliefs, perceptions and judgments that are creating conflict for us that do not allow us to keep moving forward.  Sometimes it is based on vows or contract that we have made either in this life or some other life that have such a strong hold on us that we cannot move forward.  Sometimes it is negative programming that interfer with our present life choices.  Then there are always the curses and negative energies place upon us by others.

Whatever it is that prevents you from moving forward in the direction you wish or need to go … there are many ways to clear these energies.  They are just energies and energies can change.  Pay close attention to your thoughts, words and actions.  Pay close attention to how your body feels.  Listen for the subtle signals you are being given to help you discover what it is you need to know or pay attention to.

We are happy to help you with this also if you have difficulties.  We can teach you tools to help you in the future as well.

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