Letting Go

I’ve missed a few night as I was out of town and otherwise very busy.  I’m feeling like posting about Control.  It’s interesting to just observe those in my path and watch how they must maintain control.  Control of their environments, control of people, animals and things within their environments.  Standing back and observing just allowing myself not to judge allows me to carry on my life to keep the joy I find even when I have to do it in a different way because the way I was doing it seemed to frazzle others.

Let me explain … I recently moved into an apartment complex where there are numerous water fowl.  Swans, Geese and ducks along with many other types of birds.  I was having great joy feeding 5 older baby ducks on my porch.  My neighbors across the breezeway were going to the end of the breezeway and feeding them with their 2 yo. son.  The ducks would follow them into the breezeway and subsequently there was a build up of poop after days on end of the ducks coming to their door tapping with their beaks to get them to come out and feed them.

Another neighbor decided this was just intolerable and complained to management and we are no longer aloud to feed the water fowl anywhere near the building.   The poop obviously did not bother us. I rather enjoyed looking out my peep hole to see the ducks pecking on the neighbors door at 7am.  I’ve seen them take the little boy over to the pond behind our building to feed then since then and I am continuing to enjoy my duck feeding as well by the pond.  Today I had so many ducks and geese I didn’t have enough to feed them all .. plus a tall white bird flew in and stood off in distance watching.

What I’m taking from this experience is this … I was getting so much joy having the baby ducks come up on my porch and come to the glass door looking for me and then getting to feed them.  Guess what .. they still come to the glass door and I then lead them down to the pond and I have even more joy now because there are so many more to feed and pet.  So I am able to just allow others to have their control and act how they wish to act and it does not affect me, I let go of feeding on my porch … I was lead to find an even greater joy.  There are always other options available to us if we just step back and observe.

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