Law of Attraction

According to Rhys Thomas’ work where we make vows connected with our wounds and conflicts … One of the vows we can make is to reject our tribe or our family and/or their customs.  What if we decide as a child that we do not want to be anything like our family, our mother, our father etc.  We vow … I’m never gonna be like them.  Constantly then we are rebelling … trying to not be like them.

Do you know about the Universal Laws?  The first law is Law of Attraction.  It’s about our vibrational energy. What energy we are and we send out we will attract back to us.  When we dis-like something, don’t want something, we are actually focusing our energy on it by not wanting it.  By focusing our energy on what we do not want we are sending that out and we are getting back exactly what we don’t want.

Therefore, when we rebell against our family we actually attract back to us stuff that makes us just like our family or we create situations in our lives like those we grew up with.

What do we do to change this?  We look at the vows we have made and release them and we also learn how to create consciously by learning the Law of Deliberate Creation.

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