It’s great when we can observe and recognize what is really going on with us then release it.  Acknowleding it allows for us to move through it so much easier.  Once we have moved through it and released it … that wonderful joyful feeling is available to us to experience our lives in a whole different way.

Do you work with your angels?  The guides who are there and available to help you upon your asking?  Let me inspire you to begin talking to them if you are not using this practice already.  Talk to them like you would talk to a friend … telling them what your needs are and what it is you need help with to release or to understand something.  Ask them to assist you in having spirit download the tools for you to be able to resolve or move through what ever particular thing you are dealing with.  Ask for downloads to help you change your perceptions and perspectives … to show you why you have held certain beliefs and perceptions on whatever situation you are dealing with.

It is empowering to be able to access in this way and receive those things that will help you move forward.

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