As many insights have been flowing to me lately I decided I am expecting too much of myself and when I do that I don’t get things accomplished that I really want to get accomplished.  Like for instance writing my blog.  I sometimes have expectations of needing to find enough time to sit and write a good meaningful blog. I realize … it’s ok to just write a short little blip and that doesn’t take too long to do and it will be just perfect for whomever reads it.  So my short blip for tonight … ; )

Ask yourself … how do I express myself in the world?  Do I say and even feel the truth of who I am?  Am I influenced by how I think others should or need to see me?  If that is the case, look at why.  Why do you feel you need to be and feel and express in a way that is not the truth of who you are?  Is it fear of something?  Have you made vows to stay invisible or not be who you are?  What insights can you gain for yourself?

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