Getting Ahead, Getting Started

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” -Mark Twain

145-The Secret of getting ahead - hishouseicc

At times in my life, I’ve sat and thought … thought about what I was doing a year earlier.  There are certain things that I realize were no different than the previous year.  I think … how is that possible?

When we do not have goals, small goals to achieve bigger goals we can stay static.  We just don’t move ahead.  Not unless we are forced to in some way.

I know a lot of people who complained about their jobs.  Been very unhappy and the thoughts have crossed their minds to look for another job.  To start interviewing to find something that might be more suited for them or have a better management etc.  I’ve seen them come up with excuses not to do the search, not to make an effort to change until one day they lost their job.  Either got fired or laid off.

The Universe helped them make the changes they could not or would not make on their own.

For me … I can get overwhelmed.  I have an idea of something I want to do in my life to get ahead but it seems so overwhelming.  When it gets that way I find myself not being able to make any movement.

What I’ve learned is that all it takes is baby steps.  Making those small goals … breaking down what it will take step by step to get to the big goal.

I find that once I break it down into small steps and lay it out for myself to do one small step a day, before I know it I’m motivated and inspired to really accomplish things.  It doesn’t take long to realized I’m making movement forward.

That feels good. Really good. So much better than feeling overwhelmed and not being able to budge.

If you need help identifying steps to take to get you going give me a call.

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