Fate or Destiny?

154-Things do not happen -buzzergWhat is your view?  Do you think that things happen in your life and you have no control over them?  Like it really doesn’t matter what you do, there will be an outcome or an event that will happen regardless of how you think, what actions you take or what you want?

Or do you think that you are responsible in some way of making things occur?

As difficult as it may be to accept sometimes, I think everything that happens we somehow, on some level have a hand in creating.

When we fully understand that everything is energy, and the vibrational energy we carry within ourselves we are sending out, we can begin to understand that we are attracting back to us energy to match that energy being sent out.

So our house gets robbed.  We say well I had nothing to do with that.  Well, let’s consider that.  Maybe we had a neighbor or a friend whose house got broken into, or maybe a neighbor or friend had a friend whose house got broken into.  We had a conversation about it.  We felt compassion for them. We think it’s just aweful that people are not even safe in their own homes.  And/or maybe we watched the news and they reported the statistics about how often peoples’ homes are broken into in our city.

Do you understand the impact our thoughts and emotions have on our vibrational energy field?  All our thoughts and emotions described above create an energy of fear.  Fear is a very low vibrational energy.  When we allow our thoughts and feelings to drop into lower vibrational energies we are sending that out and we will attract back to us energies to match it.

Another concept to consider is that we create things to learn things.  Some things we may have set up to happen before we came into the life.  We may have decided we wanted to learn a specific thing in this life so we set up contracts.  Or maybe in our journey our souls’ decide we want to explore something to learn something and we create an experience so that we can learn it.

We are so much bigger than what we think we are.  So much more.  So much more complex than we can even imagine.

So entertain the idea that everything that happens in your life in some way is a journey of learning something.  That our vibrational energy helps create every experience that we have.  Therefore, things are made to happen.

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