Essential Oils

I am very excited to announce that I am now a wellness advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils.  I have been using oils myself for a while now.  I see amazing ways Essential Oils help the body to support immunity, reduced inflammatory response, promote homeostasis, help with stress management and emotional support.

Many years ago I took a continuing education course on AromaTherapy for nursing when I lived in Minnesota.  I found it very interesting then.  Minnesota from my experience was much more advanced in a lot of areas than in some of the other states I had worked in.   So much more has been researched and learned since then.  Now Essential Oils can be made to take internally and put on the body externally as well.

I have added a page to my website you can check out on Essential Oils then provided a link to my doTERRA page.  I’m happy to answer questions and if I don’t know the answers I will find out who does.

I will be happy to teach classes as well so you and anyone you can pull together can sample oils and learn about them.

I had a friend who was having trouble, a lot of pain and swelling in his big toe and foot and was limping.  I suggested he try using a couple oils to help reduce inflammation.  Within hours he was no longer limping and the pain was significantly reduced.

Once I had a earache.  Nothing was relieving it.  It was recommended to me to put a drop of lavendar oil in my ear.  I did and the pain and inflammation went away and never came back.

I love putting oils in my bath water, and diffusing them in my diffuser.  I found when I am congested, some oils will help to open my breathing by diffusing them.

These are some examples of great ways to utilize these oils.  Check them out!!

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