Envision Your Future

“Visioning is an ongoing journey, not a one-time activity.”   –Jesse Lyn Stoner

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Do you know what visioning is?  This is the first step, knowing what you want then visioning creating and having it.

There are all kinds of ways to vision.  Some people like to do vision boards.  This can be as simple as taking a piece of printer paper or a piece of construction paper and putting up pictures that show what your visions are that you would like to create, to large cork or styrofoam boards with same.

I did simple ones once on printer paper.  One for my personal life, one for my health, one for my business.  I put them up on my wall in my office and then I forgot about them.  Every once in a while I might glance at them.

One day I was looking at my personal one and I realized I had created everything on it that I had put on there.  However, I also realized it was not exactly what I wanted.  The description I had written was met but I realized that my description was not detailed in a way to create what I really wanted.

I learned from that experience that when I envision what I want, I need to be more descriptive.

I also fight the idea have having to do things more than once.  Here is the thing though, when we are so conditioned as we are as humans in doing or having in our lives what we have had … we cannot just one time envision something new and expect that the one time effort will change years and even lifetimes of having specific patterns.

Another things is this … as we grow and change, our ideas of what we want change.  It’s important to regularly re-assess if our vision board needs updating.

Another way to vision is by using our thoughts and words.  Not focusing on how we have been but without thoughts and words focusing on what we want and even imaging it has already happened.

By doing that, we are focusing all our energy on what we want our future to BE not focusing our energy on what has been.

We tend to be way too serious as humans.  Imagine if we could all see this as a game.  Living our lives as if it’s a game to vision what we want and we become winners as we see it manifest in front of our eyes.  Making us want to play the game even more.

If you need help creating a vision board or learning how to vision with your thoughts and words … contact me … I’m happy to help.

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