Energetic Levels, Layers or Bodies

Most people have heard of Auras. An aura is an energetic projection of the levels of energy bodiesthe body has.  These levels can be and are often called bodies.  Each body in succession holds a higher vibration and is less dense.  Each body starts in the previous body then extends out surrounding the previous body like a layer outside the previous body.  All the bodies are sensitive to and affect each other.  True health depends on all the bodies being in balance individually and with each other.

The physical body is the body we see with our physical eye sight.  This is the body that can hold disease and illness.  It is the body in which we are able to experience our physical existence.  It is the most dense of our bodies. It is also the body through which we can take action to complete our life’s purpose.

There are many sources of information about the energetic levels or layers of the body. So you may find different descriptions depending on the source.

The first body in an aura which starts in the physical body and extends out a couple inches is the Etheric or Vital body.  It is named etheric because the nature of this body is from ether, a state between matter and energy.  It is named vital because it is the source of vitality.

The etheric body is made up of life force as are all the bodies in the aura.  Two energy centers you will find in the etheric body are meridians and chakras.  Meridians are pathways where points are found called chi points.  Energy enters the physical body through these chi points along the meridians.

Chakras are wheels of energy systems with entry points in the etheric body.  There are seven primary chakras.  These will be discussed further under the chakra link.

The body next to the etheric body is the Emotional body.  This is also called the Astral body.  This body is connected with feelings, is more fluid and extends about one to three inches from the physical body.

Next is the Mental body which gives us direction.  It holds the energetic frame work for our thoughts, ideas and creativity.  It extends three to eight inches from the physical body.

The fourth body is the Spiritual or Causal body which gives us our life purpose.  This body is the body of the I AM consciousness, the source of One, and the energetic frame work for feeling in harmony with the Universe.

There are more layers beyond these first four layers as well.  Most energy healing can be done to heal each of these bodies.