Cellular Memory Clearing

It is believed that beyond our minds/brains our bodies and more specifically the cells in our bodies hold a memory of events, traumas and even pain.  For example if you injure yourself, even after the injury heals such as a broken ankle, it is believed that the bodies cells remember the trauma and the pain and can hold onto that trauma and pain even after the bone is healed and the soft tissues surrounding it have repaired themselves.

It is important that in any kind of energy healing or otherwise that the memories be released from the cellular memory and be replace with positive energies.  The memories the cells can hold can be wide spread, from pain, to smells, to tastes and even habits.

There have been movies made about organ transplants in which the person receiving new organs found themselves having new behaviors or interests or likes they had never previously had.  The person who had died whom the organ originally belonged to were known to have those behaviors, interests or likes.

Another example is someone who has lost a limb and they have phantom pain or experience where that limb used to be.  It’s the cellular memory remembering when that limb was actually physically there.

Often over time we dismiss the messages our bodies give us.  We can learn to listen to what our bodies tell us and in turn let go of those memories stored in our cells that block us or hold us back from being in the present moment and living our lives to it’s fullest.

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