Emotions and Water

Did you know that water is very closely associated with emotions?  Boy, we have had our share of it haven’t we?  First a winter full of more snow and ice than any of us would really liked to have had.  Now the Spring is here bringing us so much more water.

Did you also know that it has been studied and found that water holds memory of past experience?  Water droplets themselves, the oceans and lakes and what about the amount of water we have in our own bodies.  It’s been recognized for a long time that we carry cellular memory in our bodies.  Our cells hold a lot of water.  So think about how much memory we hold of past experience in our bodies.

How do we combat that? Or better put … how do we move forward with new experiences not influenced by the effects of the past memory we holding in our bodies?

There are several modalities available to help release the old memory patterns and we can also form new patterns that can over ride the old ones … somewhat like how you could re-record over an old cassette tape.

Take some time to notice all the water in and around your life and notice your emotions … can you connect or identify how you are being affected?

I have no doubt I could help you there if you feel you need some assistance … give me a call.  Have a wonderful evening.

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