Creating 2014

I have been very busy feeling into and deciding in what ways I would like to reach out to meet peoples’ needs and help people move forward and shift into higher vibrations in 2014.  In this process I have been looking at what classes would help people to achieve these goals.

I am very excited about the plan I’ve come up with.  I hope to offer people options of three different series of classes/workshops.  I will again teach The Healing Way to Abundance: Releasing Chakras with focus on Prosperity and Success.  This series of workshops is 7 individual workshops .. one for each chakra.  The first one will include resistance to change.

Over the last couple months teaching this series not only have I experience great awarenesses and shifting but so have the students who have taken it.

Another series I am starting in January is a series on the Universal Laws … teaching about them to get a better understanding of them and how to consiously live our lives creating our desired outcomes.

Thirdly, I am starting a series on Developing Your Intuition.  We will explore through practice, experimentaton and activities about  opening up your senses.

Presently, I am teaching these at a couple different centers but another goal of mine to reach as many people as I can who resonate with this movement forward is to find a way to do these classes online.

So stay tuned for future information!  You can also look on the Activities, Classes and Workshops page.

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