Consciously Clearing Energy

It’s all fine and well to begin to start noticing what Vows we have taken and what beliefs we hold, but that’s not enough.  That’s only the start.  I know from my own experience I have had insights about myself and I’ve even noticed patterns about myself but did not know what to do with that information.  I’ve had spiritual teachers tell me certain things about myself and my patterns and I could see what they were saying but they didn’t tell me how to make the necessary changes I needed.

If you think about it … if we know we do a certain thing and we don’t like it about ourselves or we can see it doesn’t serve us, and we knew how to change it wouldn’t we want to do that?  Most people would if they could and knew how I think.

My recommendation is to find someone who knows and understand what the problems are and how you can change them.  There are so many ways to work on ourselves and to affect change.  Life Coaching is a great way, Access Consciousness is a great tool, Emotional Freedom Technique is a great too.  Then there is always clearing the Akashic Record of those negative energies, programs and lifetimes that have been carried over into this life.

So much of this work or guidance can be done by telephone right from your own home.  You can be given tools to work with on your own as well.  I’m not gonna say it’s always easy but I am gonna say it’s rewarding!

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