Change IS Here!!

Wow, so much going on. David Lawrence Palmer talked about the astrological energy of yesterday that it was the same energy that happened all those years ago when the Revolutionary War started.

Think … what is a revolution? It is change. Rebellion of the old… readiness to move into an new space, a new way, a new direction.

I have been feeling the intensity of energy shifts for the last couple months. I’ve been really sick for two weeks and asking myself why. Mostly, I think I created a way for myself to slow down. Stop pushing myself to the limit. Time for hybernation. (Too bad I could not create an easier way) I have not had a significant client session in about a month. Yesterday it all started to break loose. I was starting to feel better physically. My phone started ringing again with clients calling for help. This evening I had a fantastic session with a new client who really wants to take a look at herself and was asking for my assistance to see what she could not see to help her make the changes.

Earlier today Wed. being the Empath that I am I felt the collective consciousness intensely. It was not enjoyable. I felt the fear, the confusion, the overwhelm, the disempowerment, not only from those who voted for Clinton and but some who voted for Trump as well … being unsure of what was being created. I had to disconnect and go take a couple hour nap to recharge my energy before my planned session.

I have a deeper knowing that we all have to focus on our own lives and look at our own selves at what we have created and what we want to create in our future. Looking at how we have allowed ourselves to be disempowered in all the areas of our lives. How we give our power away to other people, to our limiting beliefs etc.

We all have an opportunity her to grow beyond where we have ever been. To wake up and really embrace unlimited potentials for ourselves individually and collectively. Focusing our energy … all of our energy on LOVE not fear, on JOY not unhappiness, on GRATITUDE not blame … it’s time .. the energy is here to support us all. Pull back a moment, hybernate for a half hour if you need to and assess YOU … where are YOU when you are being disempowered and pulled into energy that is not truly the LOVE that YOU ARE!!

I just wanted to share these insights and this fella David Lawrence Palmer validates what I have been feeling. Check him out!!

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