Wow, it’s been a while! I appreciate those of you have followed my blog. So much to say!! I have been working on projects. Some of you may have noticed I have given my site sort of face lift. Re-organized it some and it’s almost completely finished.

You might also notice I now have LLC behind the name. As I said I have been busy working on project. I had a logo designed, I’ve been more engaging on my facebook business page and I’ve been working on webinars to bring to the world. Scroll down and to the right to join my facebook business page.

I’ve spent some time with grandchildren and the newest one came to us Jan. 22nd. Another grandson. I made a baby quilt in anticipation of his arrival too. Finding enough time in each day has been a challenge at times.

I’ve also done a lot of observing. Observing of my life, people and the world. One thing I know about myself is that I often pile too much on my plate then wonder how I’m going to get it all done. I push myself too much at time. As I observe this, I ask myself how can I achieve what I want to achieve and at the same time, not demand so much of myself.

I’ve learned that when I do something I tend to want to do it consistently, like on a daily basis. But when you have too many things you want to do on a daily basis it does not leave much time for anything else. So I’m learning it’s ok to do thing less than daily or even less than weekly for somethings.

That’s what I’m going to do with blogging. I’m going to start again but not blog on any demanding pattern, but when it feels good and I feel like there is something valuable to say. Could go daily for a bit then not for a bit, who knows.

Afterall, this is living more in the moment isn’t it? Where in your life are you asking too much of yourself? Making stress creating un-necessary demands? Do you observe yourself? If not give it a try, it’s interesting when you can stand back and just observe yourself.

Until next time …. Have a great day!! Annie

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