Angel Light Healing

Today was a beautiful day!  I have baby ducks … partially grown that are frequently visiting me for feeding at my new home.  I so enjoy hearing their little churps to alert me they are on my patio waiting for me.  There was six in the beginning and all but two would eat from my hand.  Now all of them eat from my hand and this evening I was able to pet the four of them that showed up.  I feel such joy when they allow me to sit with them and pet them.  One of my kitties sits at the open patio door and observes.  She seems to have such curiosity about them.  What joy to just take it in and witness.

I spent this afternoon into the evening with several wonderful people.  We gathered for Angel Light Healing Initiation.  We began with a heart opening exercise that quickly allowed us all to feel the unity in our field and the deep connections within each of our hearts.  As the Angels worked with us and for us we were all raised vibrationally to a perfect pristine place of love.

When one allows themselves to open completely to experience the utterly joyful experience of Unity and Love there really are just no words.  All worries, all struggles just seem to disappear and the only thing that matters is the very moment you are experiencing.  The challenge is to stay in that moment and to carry that vibration of love, joy and gratitude in each moment thereafter.

Angel Light Healing is not the only way to accomplish this.  There are many ways to experience this … but it must begin by a willingness to pursue it and to approach it with no expectations and an open heart.  Namaste’

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